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Aids to open jars

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The best one we've got is similar to this:

Works quickly, opens almost any jar, but a bit of effort is still required.  It's the one I reach for first.

If I was buying one right now, I'd be seriously tempted by this:

But then I just love gadgets

I use a jarkey, very basic but does the job by breaking the vacuum which is often the problem....

I have had one for years :)


Duke Ellington:
I also have a jar key's brilliant. ;D

Hello PG, take a look in Top Tips, there's a thread there "how to open bottles and jars" or something similar. Sorry can't provide the link but you'll see it. Might be some more suggestions there for you = Lishka

green lily:
Hi PG I can't open anything or even work my secateurs with one hand.. The cuisenaire opener is brilliant. One of my girls bought me one 2-3 years ago. I use it on all sorts of jars -it works every time. The battery hasn't run out yet and I haven't needed to find out what sort it needs. Get one -you won't regret it. I use a sort of nut crusher from France for bottles as its handles act like levers. Life is too short [and painful] to get held up by jars and bottles! ::)


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