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Fibromyalgia - any gardening advise please

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I have just joined the Site and have already chatted to some very friendly people.  So I feel I can ask for some advise on tools etc to assist me in tending to my allotment that is currently under construction.

I have Fibromyalgia which mean I am only able to use the allotment when I am free from a bad flare up,  I always need to pace myself and not overdo it.

I have been looking for a low stool that I can kneel on with handles to help me get up.

Would anybody know where I can get one?

Any advise would be very much appreciated. I really love being on the allotment and want to make it as pain free as possible.

Thank You in advance

Duke Ellington:
Hi ...

Check out this least you can have a look. They are all different prices and styles.

Duke :)

have a look at this site, we have bought some tools from them with jumbo handles as I have arthritis in my fingers and elbows :)

Thanks Duke, I will have a look ;)

Hello again Manic, did you miss the link off? or are you referring to Duke's link?

Or is it just me being a bit thick ;D ;D

Thank you

sorry, mad day  ::)


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