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Rhubarb gin ... a spring alternative to sloe gin

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Just sampled some raspberry gin I made a month ago.  Absolutely gorgeous - I now have to leave it alone for a few months to improve but also wish I had done more as my rasps are all done..

Jack Fultons are doing good quality frozen rasberries for 99p

Good idea.  We have several good clumps of rhubarb and I think I'll start with some vodka.  I also make a dozen bottles of sparkling rhubarb wine when the crop is good.

I'd be interested in a sparkling rhubarb wine recipe if you dont mind sharing?


--- Quote from: BarriedaleNick on April 12, 2018, 14:00:35 ---I'd be interested in a sparkling rhubarb wine recipe if you dont mind sharing?

--- End quote ---

I use what is basically my mother's recipe and she had it from her grandmother.  I am approaching 70 now so that will tell you how old the recipe is.  All the usual precautions about sterile equipment etc apply.  2.5 lbs chopped rhubarb, 2.5 lbs sugar, 6 to 8 tablespoons of white wine vinegar (my modern variation on my mothers lemon juice), a chopped lemon, wine yeast and water to make up the volume to a gallon.  I use a bucket for the first stage.  The chopped rhubarb and chopped lemon goes into the bucket and boiled water is added to cover the rhubarb.  I leave it covered for up to five days, mashing and stirring the mixture daily.  I then strain off the pulp and put the liquid into a demijohn, adding the sugar, vinegar, and topping-up with boiled water.  Fit an airlock and ferment until almost finished.  I then add a small amount of sugar to each of six champagne bottles and siphon the wine into them.  I don't open any for at least six months.  I've had one or two failures over the years but it usually gives me a drinkable light rose sparkling wine


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