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Which Sunflowers To Grow in '10?

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I got some dwarf ones from the 1 shop .What a huge success they were.Everone must have flowered and i had a bed full of beautiful happy smiling sunflowers all summer long.They grew to about 18".I will certainly look for some next year.

I had some Velvet Queen from, they were lovely, late flowering, red-gold colour with loads of flowers, medium size.


Next year I am going to grow a small sunflower called Tedddy bear,
its a lovely one I think,also may find room for a few larger ones,
These flowers really brighten up your day don't they.

the best ones we have grown were last year from a 19p pack from netto, lovely dark colours, plus a couple of the ones out of the bird seed, big yellow ones, this year, we used seed from them and had a lovely mix  ;D

Irish Eyes are lovely, only about 18" high, flowers for ages.


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