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Your too kind the lot of you  ;D , I will carry on cause I just love growing things and I won't let the sods grind me down. It'll take a lot more than that to hold me back  ;D . Even if the plots are not good I'll still keep on looking, if i don't I'll just fade away and turn into a vegetable myself  ;D . I need to keep busy or at my age you start to sieze up  ;D ;) .


Jethro, I am filled with admiration at your tenacity to keep going, a lesser person would have thrown in the towel by now.  These people are evil and I hope they get what's coming to them.  Good for you for making a clean break, as those sort of experiences leave a nasty  taste even though it must be heartbreaking after all your achievements at your old plot.  Hope you get the  plot you want and with your grit you will end up with the best plot. All the best,  busy_lizzie :)

Jethro - i can only echo what everyone else has - what a horrible thing to happen and how fab that you're not letting the b*****ds beat you! ;D

I almost feel bad going back to the original shed question, but my dad has put up lots over the years and has some more advice. Make sure the wood is the 'flat packed' sort, i.e. not overlapping because it's less likely to rot. Also, put on a couple of good layers of anti-rot protector (can't remember the name but something like ronseal!)

Get one with a peaked rrof so that you can  make sure you put up some 2 x 4 to run a drain pipe off into for rain water too.

It should alse have additional wooden supports at the corner that you can level properly and screw down into posts so that it doesn't blow over.

Hope this helps - trying to order a basic small one through B&Q at the moment  - about £90 plus delivery- quite a bargain methinks!

Good luck



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