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Not only 1 EJ  but 3 sheds burnt, 3 polytunnels, 2 greenhouses. They broke into 1 stole all of my tools, then got the parrafin and set fire to the rest, they then smashed all the glass in the greenhouses, killed 25 hens, 30 ducks all of these had chicks. then they stole the 2 goats. The worst thing is they also took the wind turbine and the 300 watt one I was working on. Naturally no one saw or heard anything, and the police could do nothing (as usual) the plot looked like a lump of charcoal.  >:( >:( >:( >:(  I have left the site for good and i'm looking at a couple of plots at the weekend on a different site. So if i get them i'll be starting from scratch as there are no sheds or greenhouses, and the committee has to agree them before you can build them, also they have to be new buildings, no self build i.e pallets or window frames.
Sorry Doris-pinks but all the seeds you sent have died off  >:( :-/  due to the frost getting in the greenhouse. On the good side if i do take them it will be the best bl**dy allotment in the North-East.

Awww Jethro, what Bar Stewards......I would be crying my eyes out :'(  Then I would be furious. You can come and use a bit of my plottie if you want! I suppose there is no way we can insure anything on our allotments, all that hard work going up in smoke, and the yobs getting away scotch free makes my blood boil. And to kill the animals.................makes me sad when I realise we live in the same society as those sort of people, I sometimes feel there is no hope for the future :(  I just hope that one day they have something precious of their own that someone else destroys.)  Will see if I can find you some more seeds..........I can't remember where I put the spare ones, to give them another go when you are settled in your new spanky plot, with your new gadets!   DP X X X

Jethro, what a brave garderer you are to want to start again after all that destruction.  Think that I would just throw my gloves in, and stick to my garden.  Hope that you find a nice 'safe' haven soon.

Talk about adding insult to injury after all you've been thru this year Jethro >:(

I admire your resiliance and wish you all the best of luck with new site, we'll all be rooting for u  ;D

Ragged Robin:
 Hell what a bummer, Jethro

Good for you for struggling on, hope you get your new plots and make them into the bestest best allotments ever; that way the little b**tards dont win!

best wishes


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