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Garden Manager:
Not at all. I think you have said in the past that soil can act as a good insulator against cold.

Down here we rarely get a deep penetrating frost. At worst a few centimetres get frozen in winter. This winter even less. Digging down a few inches in winter has shown the soil to be unaffected by cold conditions above. I have in fact had the last of my late crop of potatoes in the ground all winter (only recently lifted) which came to no harm at all because of the depth they were in the soil. I only lifted them because i was afraid of them sprouting in situ (as Hugh's did).

Mrs Ava:
Very interesting Gardener.  I am always far to keen to get things growing and to be honest, the only thing I always sow to early to germinate is carrots.  I get carried away, get them in too early with no protection, and I guess they just rot away in the cold wet ground.  I guess bigger things which would take longer to rot or are to big to be washed away would stand more of a chance.  Richard, my toms are up and at 'em already.  I always sow these early, and a certain rufty tufty northern chap I know has his greenhouse full of seedlings already!  ;)

The gardener:
You lucky lot, but then again we gardeners have to live with what nature throws at us don't we......masochists the lot of us, don't you think? ;D

I have had to consider such things as 'temperatures'a lot, considering I garden at over 900 ft above sea level  on the eastern side of the Pennines and I am exposed to the easterly Siberian winds, that can blow in from time to time.

There is a saying up here that some of you in the south might not have heard, and that is 'you are a coat warmer than us', and it shows when I read of you doing this and that and I am still only dreaming of it, but then again thats gardening.

One for aka Dan; How about a geographical location under our forum name, might help when we all talk of this and that, particularly if 'geographical location' has an affect on our gardening methods.

Sorry if this is the wrong place to mention this , but it just came to mind when relating the top section of this posting.

I don't know if anyone has looked into the 'Zones' area of my website where I have tried to tackle 'the location' thing.

If you haven't your points of view would be most welcome (warts and all)

ladys and gents

i get the jist of the planting times etc   but please explain the word "chitting"

no answers on a post card and keep it clean lol


The gardener:
For Carl;

Lay your seed potatoes out like this or in a  similar fashion to sprout/ or chit


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