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Mrs Ava:
It is a problem, this compulsion to collect seeds.  I dread to think how many packets of flowers and veggie seeds I now have.  I think Dan, our hero, should employ a councellor to talk us through this problem.  I am begining to fear that if we all grow all of the seeds we have, and they all grow, then plants will very soon take over the country, nay, the world  :o  I wonder if The Priory have a drying out clinic that would be suitable for us seedaholics?  ;) ;) ;) ;)

There's no hope for me then!

I expect to get some very interesting crosses of aquilegia when all my 11 varieties (I will not get any more. I will not get any more. well this year anyway!) get crossed pollinated! I just hope I'm patient enough to wait four years to see them!

It's occurred to me how appropriate I've been with spending my birthday money - six of the Aquilegia (Granny's Bonnet) were paid for by Gran! I just hope she gets to see the results.

Don,t think there is a cure,and if there was would you want to use it,seed sowing is harmless,fun,productive,and it keeps you off the streets.
I have just counted trays already sown,have a total now of 74 including 11 varietys of aquilegia to add to the 8 varieties i sowed in the autumn and have just potted up.
Trying to give up smoking,coffee and nail biting is enough to cope with for now.

Oh ,forgot to mention , while sitting at pc last night,with no warning at all my visa card jumped down from shelf and landed on keyboard,i assumed it was a sign,and found myself ordering yet more seeds online.


ha ha traceym, glad to see that mine is not the only out of control visa card around with mysterious powers that "make "me spend money.
My excuse to nubby anyhow and sticking to it!


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