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Duke Ellington:
I have a filter coffee machine but have been told that an electric percolator makes better tasting coffee. Does anyone on the forum use a percolator?.....I don't want one of those new coffee pod jobbies because I don't want to be tied into buying the pods.


I think it depends on the coffee.   We have 2 filter machines for coffee at home (one with caffeine for mornings and one without for after lunch and later) which we turn off and then reheat as we need in mugs in the microwave so it doesn't stew.

For dance club events we have a 45 cup electric percolator and it tastes just the same as long as we get the water/coffee quantities right - 250g pack for 30 cups.

I think it depends on the coffee you buy, over here where coffee drinkers abound one rarely sees a percolator anymore, but don't be cheap on the drip one, but very good coffee , keep it in the freezer and don't forget the salt

XX Jeannine

Personally I think you cannot beat a proper coffee machine that grinds beans and then makes coffee like a pro.
I have one of these they are very expensive to buy but they last forever (over 8000 cups so far) and they make the best coffee I have tasted outside of Italy/Spain etc.  Once you have tasted it you can't go back to filter!

I bought an Aero press recently and it is brilliant. Ok it doesn't grind the beans or make a frothy cappo but it's tiny, reasonable price and you could take it to the allotment or in the caravan!


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