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Summat to look forward to, lads and lassies?

8th-14th August - more details on

All best - Gavin

Thanks Gavin, that is good information.  I would be interested to hear what anyone else might be planning for that week.

Think it is important to promote it as at our Committee Meeting last month we heard about lots of Allotment Sites that are under threat.  Housing land is so short now that some Councils are being very unscrupulous and trying to deter people from applying for plots so they can close some sites down and use them for building land.  >:( busy_lizzie 

We're planning a varied day with an open day, produce competition and hopefully a farmers market on the car park. The plan is to sell allotment grown veg and persuade organic meat, egg and dary farmers to take stalls along with Nottingham Organic Gardeners Society and maybe Five a Day.

I have been told that at the open day, plot holders wouldn't be able to sell produce as that is against some rule or other - how are you getting round that?


We have associate membership at a nominal fee for people to buy from our trading hut. That should also cover buying veg I expect. The farmers market will require a licence ( all markets within 6 miles of Nottingham Market Place are subject to licence ) and that would enable us to sell our own produce as well.


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