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Another new challenge, your suggestions, please

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been to mark out the plans, 4'path down the middle as we had space, over to them, now,they have people to make boxes and the wood's ordered, our next job is to get the soil delivered (20 ton) so they can get it moved into the beds, it should begin to look like summat like soon, got to persuade them weed control covered with wood chip(free from the council) for the paths instead of grass as that will quickly turn into a quagmire  :)

Wow it all sounds fantastic, although I can't manage to picture it quite right, I can't get past my old school desk! I can imagine some of the colours and scents you are going to have, lovely. What some different herbs planted at the edges of the paths for scent as people walk past, or would they just be a nuisance?

thanks, Jayb..I have lots of different types of mint, sage, thyme and lavenders, plus rosemary, lemon balm, oregano, woodruff, cotton lavender, fennel, chamomile plus annual herbs will be going in..all the cuttings are doing really well and we are doing hundreds of geranium cuttings for the plant sale next year so will have lots of colour, not sure what will be going where yet, but I may take you up on your kind offer when we get further down the road  :)

If you have wheelchairs gravel is a major problem not sure how woodchip goes with a wheelciar.  I think it is also important that those who are going to use the allotment become part of the planning and decide what is going where.  People with very special needs sometime have very firm opinions of what they like or do not like.  It is important also to allow them to make choices and to take decisions. 

My daughter who can neither walk nor talk can make decisions about colours and smells that she likes.  She knows what she likes.  She likes touching things.  Not always smooth and soft but rough and coarse.  She likes feeling teasles when they are soft for example.

this is all planned with Broadmead, all the ideas are theirs, in conjunction with the users, the wood chip area will not be for wheelchairs, they have a broad range of special needs, they will be looking to replace the middle path and the edge paths with paving later  :)


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