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urgent q re raised beds for gardening sitting down

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ours are much lower than I thought, mine are 16" to 2' high, I can put a board between and sit on it, we have some waist height for people who cannot bend plus some approx 2' tall for wheelchairs, I think Thrive is best for advice  :)

Try the Brown round raised beds,

They do not cost much, big recycled plastic - and very very easy to install - in about few seconds.

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65 cm

hi i`m a tad luckier than you because you need a wheelchair-i have an old, thick coat of my husbands,and i shuffled along the rows on my butt on that.not ideal i know-and i manage to get covered in mud even so,  but couldnt think of anything more useful which would allow me to garden from sitting on the floor?!     ;D

my dad in law made a wooden seat with wheels on to garden on the ground, I tried it, nearly ended up upside down  ;D

Our local garden centre (Henleaze, Bristol) sells wooden waist-high raised beds on wheels. Look good, but are a tad pricey (99). Thrive will probably have some better ideas than this though!


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