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just cos your Disabled you can still do some gardening ( :

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Thrive's website for those that may have missed it.

Graceland, you're right, aches and pains everywhere  ;D
hope you're feeling better soon, hopalong ,and that you can get on to your plot in time for sowing season  :)

My fist big gardening project that included managing a team of 14 people at some point was with a man that thought me a lot - It was even before Uni.

Jeremy was a full time head gardener with more than 30 years, at first he taught me  to drive a tractor ( and sent me with 2 Swedish volunteers  girls on each side of the seat to the compost heap), about all sorts of plants and trees and tools- he could fix anything. But only after few weeks -I heard that he can not see much.

(It did explain few things), but he enjoyed gardening and could do nearly anything.

I sold last year 65 round and high 65 cm raised beds- and heard from many people how happy they were with that- and got few orders for next year fom schools- they are happy with the fact no one will run into it. It is ideal if you seat on a wheel chair and does not cost much too- Made from recycled plastic it provides no work too.

to make it even easier - anyone can built it in seconds and in coming spring can be order with expanding compost for it.

Do not want to spam it- but let me know if you need any help with that

I used one with my daughters- in the front garden- we love it.

I agree, generally: unfortunately, some people can't make the distinction between 'disability' and 'debility'.

We have a group of people working together on plots. Most of us are 'disabled' and have 'debility'. This means we often have to work to a different time line, or grow our veg in a different manner ('vertical gardening rather than simply 'horizontal'). we get some very 'odd' looks from other allotment holders - and often have to fight for our 'Green Gym' as some in the DHSS think that if we can grow tomatoes by 'doing' for 10 minute stints that we can do an 8 hour day's manual work!    ???


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