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I found an old thread (2004) about the Terrex spring spade, but about its availability rather than its usefulness. Has anyone here used one, is it worth my searching for a second-hand one? How heavy are they? As well as the lifting part, I struggle to get a spade into soil (no leg shove), are they easily kept sharp?

There are a few 2nd hand ones selling on EBAY.  New ones will set you back up to and around 100.  At the moment... I would not pay that for one. 

I sklip-dived one not so long ago... must get round to findingout what it's liketo use (cos I hate digging) .... I could do with getting the fork head for it though.....


Wow, that was a find! Let me know how it works - I've followed the other thread on no-digging, much of which I do anyway, but there are places where a spade is needed. I reckon no-one out there actually uses one of these......

The OH has/had one bought it years ago, it was quite pricey then and he didn't use it much he gets on better with one of those very long handled spades


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