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Horticulture Degree- a follow up to my 'Gardening Career' thread

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--- Quote from: mat on July 01, 2009, 07:36:19 ---My IT role is being made redundant (as I wasn't prepared to go and work in Norwich...)

--- End quote ---

do you work for Archant by any chance? I've seen lots of vacancies advertised locally recently due to company restructuring. anyway, best of luck with horticulture, it's way more satisfying than IT.

back to the original post, yes lots of people don't work in the same field as their qualifications, and yes lots of people don't have degrees, they're not the be all and end all. but I would imagine that in the current climate of lots of unemployed people and fewer vacancies having a degree may well put you at a bit of an advantage. if I had the opportunity to do a horticulture degree I'd jump at it. (I did the RHS General Certificate at evening classes a few years ago and the next step would be a two year course at Easton college. can't afford it at the moment but it's on my list of things I'd like to do.)

life's too short so if you want to do it, go for it. and tonybloke's right, check out Horticulture Week for info on all the different career paths available:


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