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The wasps have started to attack my pears so hubby made this trap today using an old plastic water bottle, the liquid inside is a maple syrup and water mixture but coke would work equally as well. Six wasps caught in the first hour.

Mrs Ava:
Oh my!  What an excellent idea Jesseveve!  The wasps are making a 'bee' line for my apples at the moment.  You know what I am going to be doing tomorrow!  ;D

Roy Bham UK:
Very ingenious, 8) but do they not have the brains to fly back out of the spout and who's the exterminator? :-\
Roy ;D

That's what I thought Roy, but it seems that wasps aren't that clever to find their way back out again. No need to exterminate, they eventually drop to the bottom and drown in the syrup. We did try another one with regular syrup (not maple) and they weren't attracted by that at all. Just watching now to make sure it doesn't act as a death trap for honey bees and other friendlies, but so far only wasps in there.

Hello, this does work.  I used a slightly different version around some plums.  Cannot claim this is my idea, I read it in a Bob Flowerdew book.  You use a jamjar, with tin foil on top, pierce with a pencil in a couple of places. Keep the foil in place with an elastic band.  The holes are big enough for the wasp to get in (I should think he climbs in) but they don't seem to get out.  Inside I used some pouring syrup, water and a squashy fruit that had dropped off the tree which I bunged in as well on a whim.  
It looks like it got mostly wasps and the odd fly, but no bees so far as I could tell.


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