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I keep putting the A4A web address on the gates, someone keeps removing them!! Please spread the word! thanks, Tony ;)

  ;D  Hi Tonybloke,
I'm on crab Lane as you now I'll spread the A 4 A word  the sign was still on the gate yesterday.

I reckon that the only reason the signs are being taken down is that someone doesn't like the idea that people may start talking to each other.  I FIND THAT A BIT SAD. The allotment site you are on should be a community that usually means talking to each other.

Communication brings out the best in a group and I believe we all deserve the best.

Mr Smith:
   We have a couple of allotmentiers from my neck of the woods  on this site which is LE13 but they don't seem to like to make contact with folk that don't have web feet :)

AGM to be held on 29th August 7.30.p.m. Kings Centre, Queen Annes Road (nr simpsons/vets) rgds, Tony ;)

Patrick King:
they are on the gate at our allotment. for now.


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