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Any A 4 A members got a plot in G.Y. or Gorleston?

Patrick King:
I dont think theres many of us tony  :(  me, you and ivorjen thats about it i think.

I'd better get some posters up on the gates, then!! ;)

Just posted on the "where is your Allotment site".  My dad and I are on the site off Western Road (we're usually with the Collie). 

Does anyone know when committee meetings are held?  I naively thought we'd be notified of any meetings but to date (other than the AGM meeting last year) we have heard nothing.

I have a plot on Freemantle Rd I back on to the racecourse good on race days
you dont get much work done though ;D

PS there is a web address on all our gates for allotments4all.


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