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Our first flower! Brace yourselves!!

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Mrs Ava:
I think because she planted it Christmas day and it lived in my conservatory!  :o

Here are a couple of mine on the plot, taken today.  
They don't look terribly impressive, but there is still plenty of time, a drop of rain wouldn't go a miss!  >:(

Darn sight more impressive than mine look EJ ;)  Mine didn't have a very good start - battling with greenfly and then no rain to bring them on - don't stand a chance really.  I don't think I will be winning any prizes in the competition :(

Same here Gardengirl mines been in for ages and have grown to a dizzy height of 12"  ;D

 :D ;D ;D Honest !!!!Good oh !!!!!!!!.wont tell you how tall my biggest giganticest is yet then. ;) ;) ;)

Me either but I am 5ft 2inches and it is taller than me!  :o

(of course I have been known to fib, to worry the competition ;D! )


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