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Our first flower! Brace yourselves!!

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you all stand no chance! my tallest has reached 8" now  ;D


...and mine haven't been planted yet !!! ;D ;D ;D

(mental note to self.. sunflowers...sunflowers...)

 ;) ;)Now then all ye Sunflower growers.What's this weather done for you??Taken its toll on some of the tallest i guess??Or perhaps some of the rain up North has made them grow a bit taller??Not telling.??But what do you do when it gets up to the roof?? ;D ;D ;D

Hang out of the upstairs window with a pair of secateurs and cut!!!!!
nasty evil laugh mode on! They will then grow millions of flowers, honest!!! ::) Nasty evil laugh mode off!!!

Well, I'm begining to wonder if I'm ever going to see a flower. All mine are above 6' and still no sign of a head!


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