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A bird in distress.

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Such a nice morning and I went for my walk. Down the lane there was a kerfuffle in the hedgerow. I stopped to look. There flapping madly and swearing in Bird was a hawk. I removed my bobble hat and put it over the bird, which calmed it down a little. Whethter it was natural or man made I did not notice, but the poor thing was tied up in string like stuff. Did not take long to unravel it. I removed my hat and it sat and looked at me for an instant then flew away to the woods. Came home looked it up in the bird book, a sparrow-hawk. Very pleasing.

Hi Palustris doing your good deeds and being kind as always :)I thought you might want the addy of a bird site i saw in the january issue of Gardens Monthly it has a page dedicated to the sparrow hawk with  precise details on its size appearance and breeding habitsand even a recording of its call.There are similar pages of hundreds of other British garden birdsand info on events walks etc going on allover the country.

regards flower

Why thank-you, kind lady.  Been, seen, exactly what we wanted. Superb

Sometimes I wonder why we bother.
Coming back through Pembrokeshire many years ago - in our brand new Rover 90, with walnut fascia etc - we took a walk on the beach - and found an oiled-up cormorant. Of course, we gathered it up in a blanket -  wife tried to 'contain' it in the car while we took it to the nearest RSPCA - but it decided to totally ruin the walnut with its beak - and the Bishop of St Albans, to whom we sold the car, was less than impressed!!
Keep trying? = Tim

PS But netting of fruit etc - don't do it.

No netting? But what are the alternatives if I don't want birdies to eat all my produce (especially as I can't get up there every day).

Suggestions gratefully received.

Ten x


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