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I'm a straight forward girl myself!

I use labels and a pencil...


You obviously haven`t got a garden full of squirrels, magpies, jackdaws and all the other lovely creatures that can`t resist shiny white labels.

The gardener:
Snap! Debs!

and to Hugh, have been there,and know what you mean >:( I virtually bury my labels.

I have taken to putting my planting layout on a spread sheet and leave a copy hung up in the greenhouse or in the car, meaning I use very few labels.

It also helps with rotation, I know what I had where the previous season.

Garden Manager:
I try to minimise the labels i have to use, yet still try to keep organised.

Its Ok when I have enough to fill whole trays then one label per tray is enough. It is when i have  few odd plants over, not enough to fill a tray, but too many to all go in one, then it has to be the old front to back left to right system as used by nurserymen. Which works fine intill you turn the tray around to give the plants even light! then things can get a little confusing! lol

there is hope on the horizon though.  The weekly magazine Amateur gardening has free seeds with it most weeks of the year. the best bit is they provide smart little labels with the seeds with the variety and a little picture of what the plant looks like. So the job is done for those seeds at least.  All I have to do is add the date of sowing on the back  The labels seem to wear well too, have had some outdoor all winter and they have not faded or cracked (an many labels do).

Sounds as if there is a case for a competition for the most efficient and permanent labelling system here  ;D ;D ;D


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