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November 15, 2017, 16:28:25 by carosanto | Views: 150 | Comments: 4

Hi Everyone,

Haven't been on for ages, too busy with my new garden, which is turning into a bit of a nightmare.  It slopes gently downwards, and, as you would expect in Cornwall, with all the rain there is a damp bit at the bottom.  No problem really, I'll cope with that.  But it has a small round island bed, 5ft across, once populated by a terrible dead apple tree, and bluebells......loads of 'em.  I love bluebells, but couldn't stand the ugliest old tree stump in the world, and dug out the stump, dug out the blue bells and moved those I wanted to keep, and intend to fill my nice round hole with cobbles, topped by a birdbath. 

Well I've dug out fine enough but now my nice round hole is a mini pond every time it rains.  Before I start to fill it up with cobbles, I need to lay drainage.  Any suggestions, i.e. coarse stones, then fine grit, a semi permeable membrane? Ideas would be so welcome, as we already have one pond and don't need another!  Help needed here!  Thanks in advance.
November 15, 2017, 09:33:15 by ACE
Views: 213 | Comments: 4

After a couple of years of blood tests, tablets, shaking of heads and trial by error treatments I have nearly been cured of my shoulder pains and semi paralysis every morning. The physio department at the hospital was overworked so they sent me to a private company, still under the NHS and free. Last session this morning (I hope) and only three visits. Excruciating pain when they massage the shoulders and a daily set of easy excercises and they went straight to the problem. I think I might start paying in to a scheme for private treatment at least they get results. I am not knocking the good old NHS but they have so much to do they don't have time to get the job done and just dole out tablets to get rid of you. Also if the private physio says 10.30 it is 10.30 not a couple of hours later.
November 13, 2017, 08:51:19 by galina | Views: 96 | Comments: 6

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 :icon_flower: :sunny: :icon_flower:

Enjoy your Special Day Silverleaf.  Have a good 'un.

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 :sunny: :coffee2: :icon_flower: :occasion15: :hello2: :occasion13: :icon_flower: :occasion1: :sunny:
November 11, 2017, 16:56:43 by nodig | Views: 399 | Comments: 16

Sorry to wake everyone up but I would like some opinions on this hypothetical situation.  Plot holder A accuses plot holder B of some rule breaking activity, because he has a grudge against him.  Let's assume A is well connected to the committee whereas B isn't.  The committee puts the 'charge' to the accused (B) for him to present his defence.  The only evidence against B is A's testimony.  Now if B denies A's version, he is in fact calling A a liar and risks being found guilty anyway as they will probably back their friend anyway.  Another option is for B to not make any defence and leave the management to prove his guilt.  Without any evidence other than A's testimony do you think a committee should ever find someone guilty and possibly evict?  Anyone interested enough please make a comment.


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