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Another new allotmenteer!

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Hello all,

Well, after spending a couple of days reading endless threads at this wonderful site, I thought I should firstly say hello to you all, and secondly to congratulate you all on making this place what it is :)

I'm a new allotment holder, but have been gardening for some years now. I've recently managed to secure a smallish plot (26ft by 32ft) on a private allotment, but i'm striving to get the local town council to set up new allotments where I live, replacing the ones that are, sadly, no more.

Hope to speak to you all soon! Here's hoping for a productive, happy and fruitful year in the 'lotty!

Hello Sulis and welcome!  ;D

Wot - another?? = Tim

  Hello and welCome Sulis to what most of us think is a great site.


Welcome to our madhouse Sulis!!  ::)


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