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Hi, sorry it's so long since I last posted. Just looking for ideas.

I had so many gooseberries this year, I froze 2 big bags. Now I'm running out of space in the freezer. I made a crumble last week, but loads of juice made it very soggy.

Any ideas for using frozen gooseberries?


If you like mackerel or other oily fish you can stew a few goosegogs up and use them, just as they are, as a side/dip - the sharp fruit work really well. See also rhubarb.

I really don't know where I got this from, somewhere in the depths of the interwebs! I have made it a few times and I'm very happy with it. I think the last time I made it, I reduced the sugar to 1Kg and could possibly reduce it further.
No straining or sieving, you just use the lot!

Gooseberry Sauce

1kg gooseberries, top and tailed
2 cups vinegar (cider or ‘white’ vinegar)
1.5kg brown sugar
1 tablespoon ground allspice
1 tablespoon ground cloves
1 tablespoon ground cinnamon
• Top & tail gooseberries.
• Put all ingredients in large pan, bring to boil, simmer slowly uncovered for around 2
• Blend to give a thick puree.
• Pour into hot clean jars & seal.

With some apple trees and a good selection of fruit bushes I recognise the freezer getting full issue only too well.  One approach is to be imaginative about mixing them.  Apple pulp and redcurrants work brilliantly in a crumble. You may be able to balance some with higher moisture content with others to achieve a better balance.  Raspberries and white currants together are simply lovely.

Another approach we use is to make a separate crumble topping by baking it in the oven on the grill tray.

Then we just add it to already stewed fruit. It's not the classic crumble but still okay.


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