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fixing a greenhouse to its base

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I agree - the only bolts you should tighten before glazing are on the diagonal braces (but only after you've tested a pane in each side).

The point about headroom is excellent - the glass at the bottom of the greenhouse is almost wasted because the light it lets in mostly hits the floor.

It's a very good idea to replace the bottom row of sheets with 4mm polycarbonate (then they can't be broken by misplaced boots or disturbed pots) - but be aware that if the glass above is sitting in an S clip on the row below, then you may need to brace the clip somehow, as 4mm twinwall plastic can sag quite a bit over time (or use 10mm stuff).

Using this method could give you enough spare glass to make repairs for years - especially if you also use 4mm twinwall to shift & replace the sheets on the north side (colder, dimmer) -whenever one breaks anywhere. This has lasted me decades - including several years with a teenage football maniac the other side of one fence.

I also agree with Ace about using solid plastic to raise the headroom - I've been skip-diving many metres of L shaped Upvc cladding offcuts last year as everyone round our way is covering (not replacing) their bargeboards to save 40 years of paint and preservatives. They range from ~20-30 cm high, but they can all be bolted down and cut to the smaller size if you can't wait.


Deb P:
Constructing and glazing a greenhouse is divorce threatening territory in our household........


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