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Here too, Tulipa!


And here Tulipa :wave:

I've had the same advert banner interfering with viewing the first post I try to read for a weeks now.
I just assumed that it was a new way the adverts appear which is the only source of income to pay for the running of the site, so something to just put up with. Irritating but easy to remove and then ignore. What I do find is that the adverts coming up now are all very vague and don't relate to anything I recognise. However, they don't have pictures of ear wax. Thank goodness, I am plagued by pictures of ear wax on the internet. Now there's nothing as satisfying as removing ear wax from someone and them being able to hear again but it's not something I want to look at every time I put the 'puter on.

Hopefully now you have reported this Tulipa Dan will get back and either sort or reassure us.

I use an ad blocker and I suspect that one of the domains serving ads has ben marked as malicious..
Just trying on a different browser and I can see the thing that Tulipa describes - but only now and then.  Maybe just on unread topics??

I have emailed Dan

Getting the same pop-up ad , with firefox and it is usually good at blocking these annoyances. but the site has to make revenue .


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