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After a couple of burglaries in recent months we realise we need to improve our security with securitiy lighting, CCTV and possibly alarms.  We are in a rural location and there is no electricity on site.  Any advice? Do you know any suppliers who deal with situations such as ours. 

We have a solar powered light outside what has become the main entrance to our house - in a side annex where we can bring in mucky dogs and all the shopping without shipping muck and mess in the house.  It has a motion sensor so it comes on when there's movement and is very bright.

We also have a trail camera down the garden and that has its own solar panel to power it and a wee weather station that sends data to a screen in the house so I expect there's a solar powered alarm out there somewhere.

Your main problem would be siting them where thieves wouldn't be able to get to them and steal them too.

Thanks for this.  I think we will be looking to install a very tall steal post to site the equipment.

Good luck.  Not pleasant to have stuff nicked.

These type of lights are quite bright   :wave:


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