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Hello chriscross1966!
It's been a while..

Iím not sure in the case of Blue Hopi whether the effect on other corns would be because itís open pollinated or because itís apparently Sh2 - supersweet. Sh2 corns need to be kept apart from other types.
I find it surprising that Hopi Blue is supersweet but a couple of sites say it is (  If anyone can confirm or knows otherwise, Iíd be delighted.

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Vertivert and JanG for the corn. Youíre awesome!

I think youíre right about sh2 JanG, but apparently su and se are fine together.

Iím growing Fiesta in the greenhouse, Magic Manna in the poly, and a mixture of Hookers (su), Double Ref (su) and Ambrosia (se) in a raised bed for breeding. It shouldnít matter the three types cross a little bit - ďcontaminationĒ of the sweet mix wonít be noticed on the cons I eat fresh, and the kernels that were sired by the milkman should be obvious in the seeds for saving. Any sweet kernels in the flour and dent corns should also be obvious.

I guess the big advantage of corn, complicated as its different types are, is that as soon as you let the seeds dry for saving you can tell a lot of whatís gone on. And the difference between the flour and the dent is also quite visible I think?
So Hopi Blue, as Sh2, is the one which really complicates matters and creates less visible problems at an earlier stage. Iím especially interested in this as Iím trying to juggle a few different varieties, including Hopi Blue, and havenít yet got a planting plan which might work. I have two separate areas, separated by about 100 metres and quite a lot of trees so perhaps Hopi Blue is the one I need to keep separate from the rest - or freeze the seeds and grow another year.


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