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I have taken the idea of a Covid-19 seed request from another group.  This year is difficult for many with seed companies working slower than usual and people panic buying seeds, so many have run out.  Others find that prices have really gone up with the crisis too.

So here is a suggestion.  The main sowing time is here.  We know that a lot of old seed has still miraculously germinated for many this year, but there may be a gap or two.  How about this: members list on here what they just could not get hold of and hopefully somebody else on A4A has seeds for it and can help out.  Not intended for a complete 2020 seed list request obviously, but for one or two gaps. 

If you can help, please personal message the requester and take it from there.  The problem with lockdown and self isolation is that some may not be able to go out and post an SAE and would need a present of the postage as well.  A public 'thank you' after seeds were received would be nice though.   
Hope we can all grow a good garden this year despite the difficulties.   :wave:

Galina that is a great idea, I do have spare seeds and am willing to chip in if I have what anyone wants , postage is not a problem  but the postal service is, Canada post is always slow and is slower still right now so if that is Ok with A4Aers I will help where I can..just wanted this upfront before folks start sending requests..

XX Jeannine

I really wanted to try Double Red sweetcorn this year, but I'm struggling to find it anywhere as Realseeds have sold out. Anything su in a colour other than plain white or yellow would be amazing - I'm drooling over the huge variety available in the US! Happy to pay for seeds/postage if anyone has anything suitable. :)

Hi Silverleaf. I think I can find you some coloured corn seeds. Iíll pm you a bit later this morning when Iíve sorted out exactly what Iíve got.

Sorry, but I have to remind you all it is illegal to send seeds into or out of the UK or to the USA or Canada without a phytosanitary certificate and it's foolhardy to try it ion the grounds that it's for personal use.  All sorts of microbes and pathogens can travel with them and cause a plant pandemic.

On the bright side, I have had an email from Premier Seeds to say they have now more or less solved their supply line problems and will have seeds available for the UK market but not, unfortunately, available to customers abroad.  Luckily, thanks to EU based posters here and on the GW forum, we have uncovered a whole plethora of companies selling interesting seeds on the continent.


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