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Hello everyone

I've been away from this this site for seven years... Living on a boat for ten years didn't help my gardening skills.. :happy7: We've moved off the boat and now live in bricks and mortar. We have a fig tree growing very close the property wall and I wonder if it should be moved. It's about five ft tall. Thanks for any help. 😊😊

Growing figs against a wall is a good way to encourage fruiting because of the reflected heat.   Monty Don has one in his garden and there's a large one round the corner from us here with the wall still standing.   

Welcome back. Fresh fig are delightful.

Yes, if you can get them before the flipping starlings strip every single one before they even get ripe.

Thank you all for your kind replies. :-)  Further to your advice, I will leave the fig tree in its current position. I suspect I will have to wait a while before the fruit appears. Cheers all. 😊


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