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id plant a row and wait  a week then if ok plant the rest if its resolva it shoiuld be fine to plant hope this helps

In the absence of the fullest details, it is best I do not give you the advice that springs first to mind! On a more positive note,
has ANY vegetation regrown on that area?
does it appear vigorous and healthy?
In the case of doubt- dont.
Maybe you have an area due for courgettes/squash/cucumbers , all of which should allow you to plant and establish sweetcorn before planting the curcubits around. Kind of two sisters....

A garden shared is a garden halved.

As has been said ... you need to check which kind of weedkiller was used to know the answer to the question.

As an aside, I don't buy this claim that glyphosate becomes inert on contact with soil.  My allotment neighbour regularly sprays roundup on his side of our boundary fence.  As far as I can tell he's pretty careful only to spray his side - often when I can see his side become brown - little weed seedlings on my side carry on growing fine ... however any nearby perennials on my side suffer the effects of weedkiller - presumably because they have a bigger root network that goes under the fence - I have lost globe artichokes, asparagus plants, lovage, thyme and oregano planted near the fence (but up to 2 foot away from it) ... While glyphosate may break down in the soil eventually ... it is by no means instant!

Tee Gee:
I did a google for you and came up with a product called: Rosate Glyphosate TF

see here:

If this this is the brand it is glyphosate based herbicide so it should not have contaminated the soil.

Personally I would re-dig the area and remove any plant life / root as I proceed as it is possible this will be contaminated ( as planned) but not the soil around it asuuming the product used was glyphosate based.

You could throw a few sacrificial seed of something that germinates quickly  and see how they perform and take it from there!

Hope this helps!

 yes rosate  sounds like the one we got  will leave it a little longer its been two weeks last Saturday so will plant them on the week end and hope for the best Smashing info and advise I've had of every one Thank you all


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