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At this time of year protect them from pigeons. To be on the safe side I would put them somewhere sheltered until spring but they shouldn't need any real fussy unless they look particularly weak.


--- Quote from: squeezyjohn on November 10, 2015, 22:37:16 ---I have Taunton Deane bought as stems from a plant sale in Somerset 8 years ago and my first plant has only just died last year!  So it is certainly a perennial.  It is dark green with purplish ribs and is not curly.  In winter and early spring the smaller leaves are one of the sweetest, nuttiest brassicas I've ever had - but in the summer they are more bitter and peppery.  The growing habit is to grow upwards to about 6-7 foot with side-branches which bush out between the leaves and a well-looked after plant will cover at least a square metre!  They really need supports of some kind as a strong wind will tend to knock them over - and unless you are free of pigeons (only possible on the moon in my experience!) then they need protection as the plants are quite strong enough for them to land on top of.  They also suffer with whitefly and cabbage whites.

So this is one that needs to be planned in advance with some kind of structure in place to allow it to survive.  I alway manure heavily before transplanting a new one as you can only top-dress once they're established.  The method of propagation is to remove a side-branch which can be up to 3 foot long, remove all but the topmost leaves, and push it in to the ground as deep as you can possibly get it to go.  The deeper you plant the stem, the better the first-year root system will be as it produces roots all the way down the stem below soil level.  I would not suggest planting it at this time of year as it will be in a very slow growth period and it may rot in the ground.  The best success rates are when transplanting in early spring just as you're sowing your first seeds.

I have plenty of plants which are producing many side-shoots - so if you're still up for it send me a PM with your address around the beginning of March and I'll post you a fresh branch to have a go from.  If you do it now I'm sure to forget.

--- End quote ---

   Hello Folks.
                   I am resurecting this post to say that my Daubentons kale are looking good,in pots still.
I am waiting for tree surgeons to come and cut back some mature oaks and for the soil to drain and warm a little.
  I am still intending to add more perennial kale after recently adding cavalo nero to soups etc.
I am about to go over the fence to add a new plot to that pictured previously. This will all be ground level ie,no raised beds.
  Warning to Squeezyjohn- you have a private message on the way re; Taunton Deane.

Regards Bryan.



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