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WANTED alive.

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            Thank you for the very interesting and prompt reply,also for the kind offer which I will probably take up in the spring.
  I have 8 12ft x 4ft raised beds. It would be good to fill at least two of them with kale plants.
I just tried to upload some pickies but they were too large and I have forgotten how resize them.

Regards Bryan.

The resized photo,I hope.

You are probably sorted by now, but just incase 'pennard plants' do both varieties.

lottie lou:
I have daubenton cuttings if you still need one. 


 Penedesenca and lottie lou.
                                        Thank you for the assistance and offers of help.
I have received some Daubentons from france through my employers son who lives over there.
   I now need some advice on what to do with them please if anyone could help.
They are about 10" tall and yellowing slightly from the journey,arrived on friday.
I have tried to upload photo's but my efforts seem to vanish into space.

Regards Bryan.


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