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Giant Pumpkins 2014 - Anyone growing this year?

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Thanks dandytown.The seeds I bought were just off an ebay supplier,not much details other than that there atlantic giant tbh but have had seeds from them before.Had to have help lifting the pumpkins in the past,not monster but much bigger than on sale.

I mainly grow as big as I can for the kids but would love to grow a true giant at some point so will look out for seed swaps ect,and learn more about the varieties

If you need some seed send me a message and I'll let you have my address.  Just send a self adressed bubble and I'll get a variety over to you.

just finishing off my  new homemade tunnel 35 x14 ft and I shall have a go at a pkn in there this year not really going  competitively this year just a bit of fun  this will probably be my last season growing giant pkn im going to have a bit of a chill out for the next couple of seasons its great growing a big pkn but the logistics of moving it and transporting it about  sort of spoil it a bit for me

 but  like I say to all the newish growers   have fun while it lasts these things are freaks of nature and have been known to put on 50lb plus per day when they are in full swing
all the info is out there on how to grow  look on  so great people on there  and almost all of the greatest growers in the world are there just spend some time reading the diary section both myself and peter  (dandytown) are on there

 and as peter has said make sure you get quality seed  please don't waste your  hard earned cash on generic atlantic giant seed you will most likely be disappointed with the end product go on in the seed  section and be polite and ask for seeds  but always offer to  send a  jiffy envelope  with return postage covered  and you get offered world class seeds for the price of a bubble  envelope and postage  have fun people  and grow em big  regards mal

Great advice Mal.

Well, I hope you go out with a bang this year and smash your pb.  There is a new GPC site at York Maze and it would be good to see any growers in that region at the show with your pumpkins, big or small!

The logistics of moving these things presents as much a challenge as growing them and you certainly need some good friends and volunteers to help out along with a good plan.

Anyone close to me (Nottingham) would be welcome to some help nearer the time.

Good luck!

this is going to be home for the pumpkin this year if I ever get it finished


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