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Giant Pumpkins 2014 - Anyone growing this year?

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Just curious to see if anyone is planning on growing a giant this year?

Hi Dandytown  :wave:

I'm going to try growing a couple of pumpkins, better than I did last year, for something big. But nothing like in your or Mal's league.
Have you started your grow diary for this year?

I would like to - if anyone has a spare seed or two. (not a very subtle hint, sorry)  :happy7:

 :blob7:  Yay...preparations under way...I just wish there was a little less rain so I can get out and dig and prepare my allocated patch....maybe Hubby will get me an allotment next year if he grumbles about the pumpkin taking over the garden  :toothy4:

I will keep you all posted.  :glasses9:

Hi Jayb,

My first pumpkin back in 2008 or 2009 was tiny so we all start from somewhere.  If your driven to grow big then you'll grow big but most allotment holders that I know (where I live) are not too keen on giving away so much growing space to something they do not plan or want to eat. 

Yep, dairy started some time ago for this year ;)  There are some interesting photo's in there.

Betty, do you still have my email address?  If so send me your address and I'll get some seed sent over to you!

I'm expecting something big from Spiriette this year if the weather is good as I have heard how much preparation she is doing.  Looking forward to seeing your pumpkin!


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