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Strawberry Wine

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It looks a brilliant colour and I will certainly be making some next year! Do you know, out of curiosity what the alchoholic content might be?  :drunken_smilie: :drunken_smilie: :drunken_smilie:


Hi...I didn't bother at the time to check the wines finish around 10% maybe 12% I know a few glass's will make you feel squiffy.. :drunken_smilie:

great recipe - noted for this summer

Strawberry wine is great.  I make one or two gallons every year and keep a few frozen strawberries to make trifles at Christmas (with the strawberry wine replacing the more usual sweet sherry).  Not that we get much ourselves,  family and friends descend on it like plagues of starving locusts.  However many bowls we make, it just vanishes.


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