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Strawberry Wine

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With two large strawberry beds on our new plot I've decided to make the odd gall of wine..

3lbs of strawbs.
2lbs of sugar.
tps of citric acid.

Wash the strawbs, pop into a small bucket, add sugar & citric acid, pour over 5 pints of boiling water & mash with large spoon. Cover bucket and let it cool to 28/30 c....add yeast and cover for 5 days.
After 5 days strain of liquid into DJ, make up to a gall, airlock in and leave in the corner of the kitchen.

How much citric acid,and how much yeast ?

Sorry....sorry...sorry...that's what I get for posting while in a rush..

2 tsps of citric acid.
1 tsp   of wine yeast

and if you have any yeast  nutrient a tsp of that.


Wine now in a DJ....

So many strawberries I've started a 2nd gall with golden raisins.

Does the room have to be at a certain temperature ? my kitchen is about 7c at night but warmer during the day.


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