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Marestail - anybody used KURTAIL treatment

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Think it may be chickweed.

Ellen K:
Although I am no expert, just old cynic, to me the product looks similar to glyphosate.  

There's no money in selling glyphosate any more so they need to find something they can make a better profit on.

But, if it were better, I'm absolutely positive that they would state that in the label as it would be great from a marketing point of view.

JMO mind you.


I use this at my allotment and I've seen a huge change in the volume of horsetail which returns.   It's horrible stuff to use and I would suggest always wearing a mask and proper rubber gloves, not the washing up type.

I've seen the best results when the weed is at least six inches tall and the spray can sit on it for at least four hours without the rain washing it off.  It get round this during the last couple of months I've been isolating the horsetail under an empty, 2 litre, empty milk bottle and spraying into this before putting the bottle lid on.  This keeps the spray from the other plants and lets the spray do it's job.

After about 12 hours I remove the bottle and just leave the horse tail alone to turn brown and die.  I don't pull them even when they've turned black as it's still working on the roots.  I've noticed the weed just fall apart over time using this method.

To put this in context, I double dug some of my beds last year with a spit and removed every trace of of the horse tail I could find before covering the beds with black plastic.  This was controlled weeding so each spade full was picked through and each root followed as for as I could follow it for.
 This spring I removed the covers and the horse tail was just as bad.    Three months on and targeted spraying has almost cleared all signs of repeat horse tail and my test bed which had nothing other that spray applied, no digging had only one new stalk last week.  Again this is targeted applications of the chemical and not wholesale spraying.

Hope it helps!

Thankyou.  I will be getting a bottle of Kurtail.


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