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Marestail - anybody used KURTAIL treatment

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The active ingredient isn't glyphosphate but glufosinate ammonium, it has a different mode of action to glyphosphate.

Glufosinate was included in a biocide ban proposed approved by the European Parliament on January 13, 2009.

Plase read the link before buying

I have used a similar product with great success.  Gallup 360 Biograde Glyphosate comes in 5L containers for about 30 and is to be used with great care.

My daughter discovered that her new garden/drive etc was infested with Marestail and no amount of pulling and digging woud remove it.

The answer was using neat Gallup (many times stronger than shop bought glyphosphate).  The method is simple - let the Marestail grow a bit - 3-6 inches, tread on it to bruise it then wearing strong rubber gloves and using a long handled paint brush, paint the bruised Marestail.  It dies quite quickly, but new shoots frequently appeared and got the same treatment.  It took 2 years to kill the lot and new appearances are now very rare.  By the end of this year we hope it has gone forever.

Yes it does work. My neighbour has it in abundance and just pulls the odd bit up. It has gone under the footpath between the plots and I have the odd bit onto my plot at one end. I cut the bottom off a 2 litre squash bottle put the bottle over the Marestail and spray down the inside of the bottle. It is usually dead within the week but I still leave it to go into the roots. Inevitably odd bits need another dose. It also works very well on Ivy but please note that it is expensive and is non selective on what it kills. 


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