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I cannot believe it's 3 years since I first wrote this post. I do like the idea of the hessian shoppers, with handles to move them around. Will they rot  underneath or should I raise them on something?

Since then, the NE wind got into the greenhouse and blew a few panes out. That had to go so I posted it on Freecycle and by magic away it went when I was not even there, I just left the side-gate open for the elves! I was left with a rectangle of small gravel over a weed membrane. Great place to put the garden chairs under the apple tree.

Decided the raised (slightly) veggie patch didn't get enough sun, so am gradually putting herbs in there along with the resident rhubarb and a gooseberry bush. They are happy so I left them there.

I have extended my paving around the side of the house and now have a large area which is a bit of a sun trap for half the day. On the garden centre sale table were two 6 pocket wall planters.

Now where to put them? On the south facing wall or the west facing wall? I want to grow fancy veggie type stuff. Need recommendations for a flavoursome small vine tomato and some other things ???  No lettuce or anything else with no taste!

Any ideas?


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