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lottie lou:
Oooooh my ears are burning ......................

I feel I have to say something here as I am in the process of putting together a very expensive parcel of seeds from Canada which I have bought specifically for this swap. It is always a tough call when one gets a request from someone who is new. In the past I have included newbies because I got on a swap when I was new and was grateful for that. However I did lose 2 parcels last year.

My current swap though is  for folks who were my friends when I left the UK last year, I posted before I went I would send a parcel and am keeping my promise, however I have had requests for many newbies and will bump them in favour of the  old friends I promised the parcel too, old friends defined as folks who were registered before April 13 the last year.I also stipulated that it was going to participating members, this would rule out the person who only comes on line to freebie shop, or the very seasonal members who pop on in the spring to see what is going on and we don't see them again till the following year.

To all the bona fide newbies out there, stay with us please  think of it a bit like an apprenticeship and don't be offended if you don't get on a swap for a while.  It may be a question of older members first rather than be rejected because you are newbies, it is a very difficult call for an organiser.
Digeroo, I have started several swaps, I always get much less back then I put in,  or I get very basic veggies when I have put the opposite in  however I expect this.

Thank you for the post.

XX Jeannine

Gosh! I've just posted a suggestion to you on your swap thread, Jeannine, and hadn't noticed this.. it doesn't make very pleasant reading :-\

Thank you, Ceres, for making it a sticky 8)

Wishing you and all the others who take the initiative and organize your swaps, the very best.


lottie lou:
Sorry to show my ignorance, but what is a sticky?

A 'sticky' is a topic pinned to the top of the page - usually subjects drift down the page as new topics are posted?.this way, it's always in evidence. Hope that helps, Lish


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