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Don't despair, legless and crickett :) :) :) - it'll take time, but in 18 months, you'll be encouraging a whole batch of newbies similarly daunted!  "Hey, look what we've done!  We've managed to do this, and this, and .............."

:) :)

And backing up everybody else - yes, do keep notes; some sort of diary - there's always summat new I'm learning, or I'd forgotten (like the date of the Shipley Potato Day on Saturday - I thought it was Sunday!  Thoroughly p....d off with myself, I am).  

Make sure it's in a form that works for you - organised by calendar (which didn't work for me), or by vegetable (which was my choice), or bed, or whatever; as long as it works!

All best - gavin  

I keep all the seeds I've bought in their packets in an old large icecream tubs (well, why would I ever buy a small icecream tub?), look at them lovingly every few days, re-read the advice on the packet in case 'sow in April' has turned into 'sow in February' - I am the impatient type.  Does that count as keeping a record?  

Ceri, that is exactly what I am going to do today!! Bit worrying that every one is sowing like mad, and I have only gotten so far as buying seed compost! :-( (mind you the kids have been off school!)


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