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Elderberry wine diary

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found it-

This recipe may seem expensive now, it was made in May 1982 but gives four and a half gallons(5 if you do not have a cask to mature it in) of very good wine plus another two gallons if you do a second extraction.

2lb dried sloes

12oz dried billberries

1 1/2lb dried elderberries

4pt red grape concentrate

2kg Sugar


Acid mix of malic,tartaric and succinic acids

Burgundy Yeast

After two days of fermenting add 1lb raspberries and some rose petals.

After another two-three days rack off and make up to volume.

Add another Kg of sugar to  the gunk in the bucket plus one pt of red grape concentrate to give another two galls of a lighter wine.


That sounds lovely just copied and pasted it for hubby he loves the red wines.
What others do you have?

Day 30 (should probably been earlier but I was on my hols)

Rack into a clean demi-john and add a half a cup of sugar dissolved in some hot water.

Replace airlock and hope fermentation continues (fingers crossed)

(It's a lovely deep red colour and smells wonderful btw)

I bottled it last night ( after adding 1 crushed campden tablet per gallon) I got 10 bottles and a little over which I drank - it's a little sweet but nice enough - it should mature nicely. :)


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