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Fun foxes??????


Ragged Robin:
Was woken 6am by the foxes in the garden; noises continued most of morning and instead of the solitary chap we normally see there was another adult, and 2-3 smaller, noisier chaps; on closer examination we discovered a den in neighbour but ones garden.

Must have had an autumn litter, they've been running riot all morning, worrying though as not too scared of peeps, occasionally only a couple of yards away.

Lovely to watch, one came out of the den sat down watched me watching them!!

Well ,just keep them there away from my hens and ducks thank you. :)

and my dustbins bags  >:( -
nice to see them but best in the countryside.

No definitely not, best in the towns and cities where they can eat our left overs. Our farmer neighbour lost 10 newborn piglets (sorry) last week to foxes.

oh my fellow piggies  :'(,

foxes are nice to look at but do not seem to fit in anywhere,  they are only in my garden as over the back hedge my neighbour has chickens.

I would leave some food out for them to save my bin bags and the chickens but fear may encourage all neighbours cats in?


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