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Dodgy cauliflowers ?


I planted some cauli seds in a tray about 2 and a half weeks ago, and they germinated really fast (within 3 or 4 days). Now, they've developed into long, thin, spindly seedlings, around  4-5 inches long, with seedling-leaves.

I grew caulis for the first time (semi-successfully) last year, but don't remember them (a) growing so d**n fast initially, or (b) becoming so long and spindly--which is the bit that worries me.

Are these ones going to be OK ? Any cauli expertise out there gratefully received !  

Mrs Ava:
I guess this is the light problem again.  There was a similar post a while back about leggy tom seedlings. If they have been short of light, they will grow long and spindly trying to get to it. would say, when you transplant them on, plant them right down to their seed leaves as they will produce more roots from their stem.  Is this right everyone?  Now, I betcha someone says bin them and start again, but I can't do that, so I would get them in as much light as possible, and keep your fingers crossed  :-/

Makes good sense to me, EJ. Many thanks for that. And sorry for going over old ground regarding legginess. I'll do as you suggest, and we'll see what happens. Must dash (no time, ever !). More soon. Thanks again.


- do brassica do that as well??

Patience, patience!! = Tim


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