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The joy of leek germination

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Don`t think anyone is likely to better that Tim. As soon as they are out of the `loop` stage they should be grown hard and in full daylight.  I use the plastic tray inserts with 40 separate cells per tray which allows each plant to come out as a `plug` at planting time. I sow directly into the cells - 2 seeds per cell - on the basis that thinning out is easier than pr*cking out, and they`ll go out into the cold frames in a fortnight`s time.

Yes, indeed!

And, with spring onions, I sow several to a module, so that you can pull a 'bunch' on harvesting. = Tim

thank you both, I shall start pricking out today.

Tim, the piano is in daylight, not direct sunlight - my poor piano-teacher mother would turn in her grave, er, that is if she wasn't hale and hearty.



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