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What do we look like?

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undercarriage plan:
 ;D ;D ;D....though may I ask, it's ok......nevermind...... :-X


--- Quote from: terrace max on December 09, 2005, 21:00:18 ---
--- Quote --- ??? ;D Careful, we don't want to start a fatwa!

--- End quote ---

Now I'm giggling again  ;D
--- End quote ---

Merry Tiller:
In the spirit of Christmas I think everyone should be photographed topless, except DTF of course, we've already seen what he's got on offer ;)

undercarriage plan:
Call me daft.....old fashioned.....and all, but erm no?  And still trying to work out the link between topless....and Christmas......  ??? ;D ;)

terrace max:
Come on - less talk, more photos you lot...


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