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terrace max:
In the spirit of Christmas revelry and doing things you profoundly regret afterwards, I thought it would be nice to have a thread for people to post pictures of themselves so we can stop wondering who we're talking too.

Of course some of you have done this already. One of us has even done it half naked! But maybe some of our more retiring members can be coaxed out of the shadows (with their kit on)...?

Here are the suggested rules:

1. No pictures substituting Johnny Depp or somebody from Girls Aloud for your good self... 
2. No airbrushing, silhouettes, balaclavas etc. or pictures from 1974 (unless they are funny)
3. Lots of other stuff t.b.a. (probably).

Feel free not to do it if you think it's silly or something but: If you don't do it: Derek the Fox says you're a wimp...(hides).

I hereby undertake to post my picture before christmas, providing I can find the software for my camera...

(Excuses starting already...)

Who's gonna get the ball rolling....??

undercarriage plan:
Yes, come on! Who's going to start the ball off then??? Am tapping foot and looking at watch here.... ::) ;)

undercarriage plan:
Clanger, have it sorted matey......check out other thread.....much cheaper too!! ;D

Oh dear Clanger I've got the answer to all your problems - I'm a Beauty Therapist, have just plugged the wax pot in and have plenty of muslim strips and soothing after-wax lotion - just a short trip down the A15 ;D

terrace max:

--- Quote ---and have plenty of muslim strips
--- End quote ---

 ???  ;D Careful, we don't want to start a fatwa!


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