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skanking from your local council

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I've just spoken to my favourite council lottie man at North Tyneside council - I wanted some bark chippings for my son's play area in the back garden - and they are a small fortune to buy - our council has a massive great tip full of them apparently and as I have the transport it seems I can ring up and then go and help myself.  

Thought could be useful for paths in the lottie too.

Presumably most councils have to get rid of trees and prunings etc.  Might be worth  try.


I'm North Tyneside too !!  Please divulge your secret council depot ( anything for free sounds good to me !!)


The gardener:
We have had a few grants on our Allotments in the past couple of yeas and some of the money was used to improve the car park.

What do yo think has happened? the council have come along and  tipped three loads of chippings on the car park.

OK the first time they did this was ok ........we all got our paths made.  

We stuck up a proper 'No Tipping' sign and guess what? YES!!!! they have tipped another three loads, and our singpost didn't fall over it stands proudly in the middle of the heap.

Now if I had done a bit of 'fly tipping' I wonder what have been said.

ps our parking facilities are now worse than they were before the work to improve them was done, all due to the COUNCIL

Hi Debs, and anyone else in North Tyneside - I'll be ringing the nice man tomorrow who is in charge of chippings whose name is Alan something - I'll let him know more are interested.  If it helps with transport, I've got a 71/2 ton drop side wagon which I can use to pick up a load and if people want to get some from me I can probably arrange something - or even do a quick whizz down to yours as you are in the area.

Mike Brannigan is the nice council man in charge of lotties (in the education and cultural services department - get that!).  He says the council are happy to drop loads off for allotment societies - but I don't know if there are charges for deliveries.

I'll get more details from Alan whatshisname tomorrow nd let you know

top skanker ceri, i'm impressed.


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